Finding the right house is only half the battle; you also need to find the best home mortgage loan financing available to fit your needs.
Just as no two houses are alike, no two home mortgage loans are alike either.
Interest rates and repayment terms are just the beginning.

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Home mortgage loans interest rates and terms very widely.

It is important not to just jump into a home mortgage without doing your research.
Taking time now to compare home mortgage loan interest rates and terms from several different home mortgage loan lenders could save you thousands of dollars in the future. 

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It is important to take your time when buying a house and looking for home mortgages, loans and financing. Do not get in a hurry. Do not allow any kind of pressure to cause you to act too quickly. Remember the home work. You will have to decide whether you will buy a new house or a pre-existing home. Get an idea of the present interest rates and make sure you understand the difference between a fixed rate and an ARM mortgage. There many other types of mortgages, but you want to avoid most of them. For example, interest only mortgages were very popular with speculators during the housing bubble. Their intent was to flip the property as quickly as possible, so it made sense to get a mortgage that would give them the lowest payments. This also accounts for the popularity of mortgages with a pick your payment option. Avoid them if at all possible. The low payment is great in the beginning, but before you know it the payments will double or even triple. In the worse case situation you will not longer be able to afford your mortgage.

You will need to use a little patience when making a decision about the house you choose and with the mortgage you accept. This does not mean to wait on a better market or interest rate. Most of us do not have the incredible ability to see the future. Go ahead and act if you find a house that you like and you are sure it will fit your family’s needs. Remember you will be gettting the benefit of lowering your taxes and gaining yourself an appreciating asset . A couple more things before we get to mortgages. Make sure that you know the difference between fixed rate and ARM mortgages. Buying a home is the single largest investment most people will make. Do it right!

A large percentage of people purchased houses that turned out to be more house than they could afford during the housing bubble. House prices were sky rocketing and Sub-Prime Lenders would finance a home for anybody, regardless of their credit history. The bubble has now busted. An outrageous number of people found themselves in foreclosure and a number of Sub-Prime Lenders had to close their doors. In the so called “Hot Markets” speculators represented more that 25% of the buyers. But the big gains have disappeared and so have the speculators. Perhaps, this made it more difficult to get a mortgage. But, do not worry there are still plenty of mortgages available. Also, my guess is that there is a growing inventory of houses available. Find the right lender and I guarantee that you will be successful in getting a mortgage.

All mortgage lenders check your FICO score at the beginning of the process, but, your FICO score will not make or break you with all lenders. If you have good credit you have no need to worry about a FICO score. If your score is not very high it will probably help to try raising your score (any little bit can help) and attempt to make your Credit Report look a little better. If you have a little time (maybe six months) before you apply for a mortgage, start paying your bills on time. If you have a large number of credit cards, you can spread the debt out more evenly among them. Try not to have any card close to its limit.

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